Comfort issues

It often takes a few days to get used to the headband. If your first nights seemed uncomfortable, it is not necessarily abnormal. Our users estimate that it takes on average 3 to 7 days to no longer feel any discomfort.

There are several reasons, however, that you might not sleep well with the Dreem headband:

  • The headband is poorly positioned on your head, which can create discomfort during your night. We recommend that you read the article "Put your headband on".
  • The frontal band creates a discomfort in your forehead: you can try to slightly raise the frontal band up your forehead, which will reduce the discomfort felt. Make sure to go to the Dreem section and verify that you are getting the signal.
  • The rear sensors are annoying: if you have the feeling that the rear sensors are bothering you during the night, you can contact our support team directly. We will provide you a softer pair of sensors, free of charge.  
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