Understanding the Touchpad

The touchpad is tactile pad located on the top arch of your Dreem headband, allowing you to control the headband without having to go through the app. 


  • The touchpad will lock automatically once you fall asleep at the beginning of the night, to avoid any unwanted interaction during the night.
  • To use the touchpad again at night, slide to unlock it. You will hear an unlock sound.
  • Perform the desired actions (reactivate a sleep feature, change the volume ...). After 60 seconds without any action, the touchpad will lock again.


Follow the instructions below to learn how to use properly the touchpad. 

Long_tap_touchpad.png Long touch: Start a sleep session with the previous settings (falling asleep features, alarm, volume.

Double tap: Start or stop a falling asleep feature.


[if locked] Unlock the Touchpad
[if unlocked] Adjust the volume of the selected falling asleep feature. 



Short press of the ON / OFF button: Activate Bluetooth to connect the headband with the Dreem app.
Long press on the ON / OFF button: Finish a sleep session and turn off the headband.


Please note:

  • When you start a sleep session with the touchpad, the settings used are the one set on the Dreem app. To change them, please open the app and go to "DREEM" section.
  • The touchpad only works when the headband is not paired to the Dreem app. 
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