Understanding my Sleep Cards

Sleep cards can be found in the "Home" section of your app, under the sleep score.

Sleep cards are associated with your last sleep session. They provide you with information and advices on your sleep by connecting to your habits:

  • DEEP SLEEP IMPROVEMENT: indicates the number and the impact of stimulations made by the headband during your deep sleep stages.
  • TIME TO FALL ASLEEP: corresponds to the period of time between the first wink of your eyes and the consolidated sleep.
  • POSITION CHANGES: indicates the number of awakenings you had during last sleep session.
  • SLEEP DURATION: indicates the duration of your last sleep session
  • smart alarm
  • WAKE-UP STAGE: indicates in which sleep stage you were when you woke up.

Please note:

  • Sleep cards may appear a few minutes after your Sleep Score. They are calculated by our server and sent to Dreem app. 
  • Sleep Score, as well as sleep cards, appear only if the headband detects that you fell asleep during your record. 
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