Understanding my Sleep Score


The "Sleep Score" is an overall quality index of your sleep quality, based on multiple parameters (falling asleep time, sleep duration, deep sleep, movements, night awakenings...). It is calculated from a series of parameters measured during your sleep:

  1. The duration of your sleep
  2. The duration of your deep sleep
  3. The quality of your deep sleep
  4. Your nocturnal agitation
  5. Your awakenings during the night

Only these factors influence the Sleep Score when you check out your nightly toll. The questions asked before displaying the score (about how you feel) have no impact on the score. These are asked before displaying the score to prevent your judgment being influenced by the score value.

Please note:

  • If your Sleep Score is lower than 50, the duration of your record (and therefore your sleep) is too short.
  • The maximum Sleep Score is 100 and can vary widely considering age, stress, level of fatigue, etc.) A good Sleep Score for someone can be considered as a bad Sleep Score for someone else.
  • Sleep Score, as well as sleep cards, appear only if the headband detects that you fell asleep during your record. 

For more informations on your sleep results, you can also visit our article on "Understanding the sleep cards". 



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