How do I choose between sleep techniques?

We've developed a range of four techniques that can help you fall asleep faster. For more informations on how to activate them, go to our dedicated article "Activate sleep techniques". 

Please note that we update new audio programs on a regular basis. Ensure that you have the latest app version to test them.

Sleep technique Good for...

Ambiance: A range of relaxing sounds, at a volume compatible with your brain activity.

Available audio programs: Ocean, Campfire, Freeway, Stream, Rain

User in an unfavorable environment for sleeping

Desiring a change of scenery

CognitionA voice brings to mind objects or environments that you can reproduce in your imagination. The goal is to focus the mind on images that are more conducive to sleep than the stress of work...

Available audio programs: Random, Winter, Forest, Summer

Take your mind off things, and avoid mental ruminations

Meditation : Inspired by meditation techniques, Meditation helps your mind concentrate on your body to allow it to reach the relaxation necessary for sleep.

Available audio programs: Cosmos, Serene, Rain, Stream, Ocean, Campfire, Freeway

Feel in touch with your body in a meditative state

Respiration : Breathing exercises calm the body, and the accompanying relaxation facilitates sleep.

Available audio programs: Cosmos, Ocean, Rain, Serene, Freeway, Stream, Campfire

User experience physiological stress, irritation, or excitement




















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