How to: Pair your headband with the app

Please follow the steps below to pair the headband with Dreem app:

1. Turn on your headband on by pressing the button. A LED starts blinking blue if your headband is charged, or orange if it needs to be charged.


2. Open the Dreem app. After a few seconds, a popup appears indicating that your headband is pairing. 


3. The app tells you when your headband is paired. You can check at this moment your battery level.


You can at anytime check your headband status by going to the dreem section and then press the band icon on the upper right.

If you have trouble pairing up your headband and app, take a look at "I can't pair my Band".

Access to position on Android. For Android 6 or above, access to your device’s position is required during the pairing. This is an Android requirement, Dreem doesn’t use this data in any way.

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