Care and Cleaning

Written by Jonathan
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Cleaning your Dreem Band

The inside of the headband is covered in TPU, an anti-allergenic polymer. Use a cloth dampened with water to clean the inside. The frontal band and the arch over the crown of your head are covered with a removable cloth pad. This pad can be washed with soap and water, but is not machine-washable, and it cannot be ironed.

Caution: The Dreem Band isn’t waterproof. Avoid submerging in water and don’t wear it outside when raining.




To optimize signal reception through the headband, ensure hair and face are clean.  

Avoid applying face creams, moisturizers, or other oily products before using the headband. If you use face cream for medical reasons, avoid applying it to the headband's primary zones of contact (the forehead and temples).  Avoid using oily products in your hair.

Also make sure to clean the sensors of your headband with a disinfectant wipe (containing Isopropyl alcohol) about every 10 nights. This will ensure optimal signal quality.

Caution: Please remember that the headband, and its front band in particular, contains sensors, and needs to be handled with care.

Dreem Band maintenance

When you are not wearing your headband, we recommend that you:

  • Store it properly in a case when travelling.
  • Handle the frontal band gently, and avoid moving it too close to the arch when packing.
  • Do not pull forcefully on the back elastic band.

If your Dreem Band arrives worn or defective, please contact our support team.