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You have the feeling that your headband doesn't emit any sound. To verify that the sound is working properly, use the following method:
Open the Dreem app, and go to the "Dreem" section.
If your headband is not connected, the application will invite you there. Follow the instructions:
  1. Press On/Off button located on the upper arch of the headband. 
  2. A blue light appears around the button, then starts flashing, meaning your headband is trying to pair with Dreem app.
  3. Blue light turns solid blue after a few seconds : the headband is successfully paired.

Ensure your wear your headband properly 

To ensure you wear Dreem headband properly, please follow the next steps : 

  1. Place the front part of the headband (the thin part) at the front, so that it is touching your skin.
  2. The upper arch of the headband (the thick part, which contains the onboard electronics and the Power button) must therefore be positioned at the top of your head.
  3. Position the rear sensors (situated at either side of the elastic band) so that you feel as comfortable as possible.

Please note that you will find in your case a second pair of back sensors more suitable for longer hair.


Check the sound volume 

Once the headband is connected and positioned correctly, the "Dreem" section presents the signals of your cerebral and cardiac activity:
Then press the "Sound Demo" button at the bottom of the screen. Your headband is then supposed to emit progressively a sound until its maximum power. If you do not hear any sound, even by plugging your ears, contact us specifying the result of this test.

Alternative method to check sound volume

Go to the "Sleep" section. Once your headband is connected, select a sleep technique and slide the volume to the maximum. 



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