Stim score calculation

The Stim score, or stimulation score, is a score out of 100 that reflects the efficacy of stimulations.

Stimulations are pink noises of a few milliseconds that are synchronized with the slow oscillations of your brain. These stimulations increase the number and amplitude of slow oscillations.

To objectively measure the effectiveness of stimulations, two types of stimulation are sent:

  • the "stim" type: the pink noise whose volume is optimized in real time according to your cerebral activity, "trains" the train of slow oscillations and thus increasing their number and amplitude.

  • the "sham" type: no sound is sent, the slow oscillations then retains its initial form, which we take for reference.

At the end of the night, we calculate the total impact of stimulations by comparing the effect of "stims" and "shams" on your deep sleep slow oscillations.

Finally, we calculate the Stim score by comparing the impact of your own stimulations with the average nights of our database.

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