Waking up too early or in the night

Written by Jonathan
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Your environment is calm and comfortable, yet every morning you wake up tired before your alarm has even had a chance to ring? Sleep is conditioned by the circadian rhythm (biological cycle of about 24 hours) and by physiological needs, but some people's sleep seems permanently shifted.

These people report, among other things, feeling tired early in the evening, and waking up earlier in the morning. Studies have shown that our morning/evening preference was partly genetically determined. Being an early bird or a night-owl is not a question of will!

It may be beneficial to follow your "natural" sleep rhythm, i.e. go to bed and get up early if possible.

If not, try playing with the body's synchronizers such as sports, light and meals to shift your pace. Here are some examples :

  • Doing sports during the day raises your body temperature, which causes a thermal rebound in the evening and can help you fall asleep.
  • Blue light promotes the awakening of the body, so they are beneficial when they are used in the morning, but you should limit it in the evening to helps your body prepare for sleep.
  • Computer screens, televisions and telephones are not only stimulating your brain activity because of blue light, but also because of the stimulating content you can watch.
  • Meals can cause body heat to increase due to digestion and excitement related to ingestion of sugar in a period of about 3 hours. Eating earlier before bedtime facilitates falling asleep.