What do you mean by 'test'?

The Adventurers program is made up of several different tests that will be suggested to you throughout the year. A test involves:

  • an objective: concerning a scientific question about sleep (from deepening understanding of a specific scientific aspect of sleep to improving the functionality of the Dreem headband)
  • a protocol (do this or that at a certain moment)
  • different feedback methods (questionnaires, telephone interviews, meeting in our offices etc)
  • a fixed test period (e.g. 6 weeks)
  • an experiment with a Dreem headband (New, disactivated or modified functions. These modifications will always be explained before starting a test)

Every participant can accept the tests on a case by case basis. It is of course possible to leave or stop a test at any time by emailing adventurers@dreem.com.

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