Understanding your night card

Written by Alexandre
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The night care can be found in the HOME section. You can also find a history of all your nights in this section.


How to read your night card?

The circle arcs around the central clock correspond to periods of sleep (in white) and wake (in pale pink). If your headband moves during the night and can't pick up a perfect signal, gaps will appear between the circle arcs, signifying a temporary absence of data.

What about the sleep schedule?

If you have set your sleep schedule, you'll see it on your future night cards as a darker, thicker arc that corresponds to the hours you set.

Try to fill this darker arc without spilling over! This means that you correctly stuck to your sleep schedule.

Your night card during the sleep restructuring program

From the second week of the program onwards, your sleep efficiency will appear at the center of your night card by default. This indicator is displayed as a percentage. If your efficiency is very high, it means that you spent almost all of your time in bed sleeping. This score will get higher as your problem starts to lessen.

If you press on the night card, you will access to a description of your night's quality as well as your hypnogram. 

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