Understanding Quality screen

Written by Jonathan
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Quality screen is a way for you to understand better how well you slept last night. To open this screen, press on the night card tab


Quality of your night is represented by the following metrics:

EFFICIENCY: how long you slept compared tp your record duration. Learn more

SLEEP ONSET: how long you took to fall asleep. Learn more

AWAKENINGS: how many 2+ minutes awakenings you had during the night. Learn more

AWAKENINGS DURATION: how long you were awake during the night. Learn more

DAY FEELING: here you can declare how you feel during the day. 

SCHEDULE: how well you respected your sleep schedule. Learn more

The color points below each measurement show scores associated to your measurements. These scores are determined every morning by comparing your results to the reference values in scientific literature, or by bringing your bedtime and wake-up time closer to those set in your sleep schedule.


  • By tapping on the measurements, you can display their average value from the past 7 nights.


  • Tap Explore and discover your trends.


  • By tapping the Phases tab, you'll see a version of your hypnogram which has been simplified so that it's easier to read. Learn more