Dreem research database

Written by Nicolas
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What is Dreem’s Research Database?

The Dreem Research Database (DRD) was created to contribute to the advancement of sleep science research by offering unprecedented access to longitudinal recordings (i.e. recordings coming from one person over several nights) for a large population.

The DRD is made up of anonymized, raw physiological data. This data includes information tracked by the EEG, accelerometer and pulse oximeter, recorded by the Dreem headband.  

How can I participate in the Dreem research database?

If you would like to participate in the Dreem research database please click this link and enter your email address :👉I want to participate 👈

By clicking submit you agree to the collection and use of the data you provide to Dreem.

Where do these recordings come from?

These recordings come from people using the Dreem headband as part of the Adventurers program,  who have consented to the anonymized use and diffusion of the data collected by their Dreem headband for research.

How are the recordings managed?

Each recording is identified by a name: “Sx_N” where S represents the anonymous reference to an individual and N the number of the recording made available.
The date of the recording is available with an artificial random error or more or less a week. As is demographic data associated to the recording such as sex and approximate age range.  

How can researchers access the data?

The Dreem Research Database is downloadable on demand by a researcher, once they have submitted a brief summary of their research and intended use of the database. Their request is subject to approval by Dreem who will verify the good intentions of the project.