Questions about data

Written by Jonathan
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How is sleep data uploaded to the app?

The Dreem Band captures a large amount of data at night as you sleep. When your night has ended and you plug your headband to charge Wifi is activated. Once activated your Dreem Band sends all of the collected data to both our secure server and your app.

What should you do if the data takes longer than usual to appear?

If you find that your data is taking a long time to appear on the app, it may be an indication that your headband is disconnected or your smartphone does not have a good connection (Wifi or 4G).

Is it possible for my sleep data (sleepiness, awakenings) to not match my feelings?

Yes, you may notice a discrepancy between your subjective and the objective sleep data reported on the application. There are several reasons for this:

It is sometimes difficult to be aware of certain highlights such as waking up, agitation or how long it took to fall asleep.

Your headband wasn’t properly positioned throughout the night and had difficulty reporting your sleep data. To learn more about how Dreem's algorithm works, see our dedicated article

Is it possible to link my data with other connected devices?

Unfortunately, It is not possible to connect Dreem data with applications from other connected devices. However, you can export your sleep data and reconcile it with data from other devices. To request, a report  please contact our support team

I  only see data regarding stimulations on my weekly sleep report, is this normal?

You can access daily Pink noise data daily on your hypnogram, by tapping the Night Card, then choosing the deep sleep phase. The impact, on the other hand, is visible at the level of the sleep ratio, insofar as the impact of Pink Noise is not relevant at night.

What are the indicators of a good or bad night?

The best way to analyze your night is to consult the quality radar, as well as the number of hours of effective sleep, indicated in the night card. You can also analyze the quality of your nights as well as its progress when reading the Sleep Report.

How is the sleep time calculated?

The duration of sleep does not correspond to the whole period preceding the first of sleep but to the duration between the first occurrence of the closed eyes and the first phase of consolidated sleep.