Sleep reports

Written by Jonathan
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At the end of each week spent using the Band you’ll be able to access your Sleep Report in the HOME section. It is a weekly review of your averages and an advanced analysis of your sleep progress.

Your typical night

How did you perform on your last 7 nights?


This hexagon represents your sleep quality based on:

- sleep onset duration

- number of awakenings

- quantity and quality of deep sleep

- sleep fragmentation (changes of sleep stages)

- nocturnal agitation 

The wider the hexagon is, the better :-).

How do you compare with other dreemers on key metrics?


Sleep calendar

What your sleep stages looked like on the last 7 nights? 




How many, on average, stimulations did you get the past 7 nights and what was the impact of those stimulations? Learn more: How pink noises work

Sleep efficiency

What was your sleep efficiency the past 7 nights? We calculate here the ratio "number of hours of sleep / number of hours recorded by the headband".


Please note: the first sleep report is slightly different as you will get more informations and a recommended program at the end of it. Learn more: Your first Sleep Report