How the Band emits sounds

Written by Jonathan
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Your Dreem band plays sounds at various moments:

  • when you want to relax during the day or before going to bed,
  • as you are falling asleep (sounds turn off automatically once you are asleep)
  • during deep sleep (stimulations)
  • as you wake up (the alarm)

These sounds are played through Dreem's unique audio system of bone conduction. How does bone conduction work ? In a nutshell, its emitters, placed on your forehead, make your forehead vibrate, which transmits sounds to your inner ear.

Which sounds are used during deep sleep stimulation? These are know as pink noise (a good introduction to them can be found here), and they have been shown to be the most effective in enhancing slow wave sleep. To get an in-depth understanding of pink noise, and slow wave sleep, please read Dreem's scientific publications.

Learn more about how deep sleep stimulations work.