The LED and notifications

Written by Jonathan
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Your Dreem Band’s LED indicates the headband’s status. Your Dreem Band’s LED light serves many purposes:

  • On/ off and pairing status. No light means the Band is off or in a sleep session. A blinking light indicates it’s attempting to pair with a device and a fixed light shows that the Band has successfully paired.
  • Charging statusWhen the blue indicator light has a step increase pattern, your headband is currently charging. When the light turns solid blue, your headband is fully charged and ready to use.
  • Boot and firmware update status (a white light that indicates your headband is booting or updating its firmware).  

Important notice: if the LED appears in a color other than blue or orange, it is an abnormal behavior of the headband (white or green LED). In these specific cases, we invite you to contact our support team to carry out an investigation.