FAQs: Dreem coach

Written by Jonathan
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Can I use Dreem without an app?
Yes, it’s possible to use your headband via the touchpad without having to go through the app. This allows you to use your headband when your phone isn’t functional.

Please note: You still need the app to start using the headband and to check the results of your nights every morning.

When you start a sleep session via the touchpad, the settings chosen will be the same as those of your last sleep session (sleep function, volume, alarm, Pink Noise…). If you want to modify these parameters you’ll need to do so in the ‘DREEM’ section of your app.  

Is Wi-Fi needed to use the app?
Technically no, but it is needed to get your daily sleep metrics and updates for your Dreem Band.. Learn more about Wi-Fi.
Is Dreem tablet- compatible?

The app is technically compatible with the iPad 2 but as it was designed for smartphones, the user experience could be altered. 

What if the headband and your phone can’t be paired? 

We have a guide to help you just do that. Getting help pairing.