Step 1: Assessment

Written by Jonathan
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The first 7 nights with your Dreem Band is dedicated to analyzing your sleep. Once the assessment phase has been completed you will then be able to join a program. While you sleep, the Dreem Band will measure all the physiological information needed for objective sleep analysis. And during the day, Dreem coach will complete these informations by asking you questions about you and your sleep.

During this time, the ‘ME’ section gives you access to your progress bar (how many nights out of 7 you’ve completed) and 4 questionnaires so you can describe your sleep habits.

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To activate the ME section, you'll need to :

  1. Spend 7 nights with the headband.
  2. Complete all 4 questionnaires.

Once activated, you’ll have access to your first Sleep Report.


During this first step, your Relaxation Techniques and Pink Noise aren’t available, our goal here is to evaluate your sleep as it is!