FAQs: Adventurers missions

Farisa Copol
Written by Farisa Copol
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You are an Adventurers user and you have agreed to participate in one of the missions that have been proposed to you? Here you can find the answers to the main questions you may have.
Do I have to adapt the use of my banner and / or my application?
Normally, this will not be necessary. So you can use your banner and your application as you usually do.
I did not receive my Adventurers card this morning, how to complete the questionnaire?
You can use the link of a map from one of the previous days or the link at the bottom of the start of mission mail in the section "Retrofit link".
I missed a quiz, what to do?
No problem, just keep answering the quiz on the following nights.
I was wrong in the answers to a questionnaire, what to do?
All you have to do is answer the quiz again quickly (by following the link again). In case of multiple answers, we keep the last one.
Do I have to answer the questionnaire if I have not used stimulation?
No it's not necessary. But if you fill it, it will not be a problem. Do not hesitate to contact us at adventurers@dreem.com if you can not find the answer to your question below.