How Dreem tracks brief awakenings?

Written by Jonathan
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What's a brief awakening?  

A brief awakening lasts between 1 and 2 minutes. It is defined by an irregular rhythm and a low intensity. 


How Dreem tracks brief awakenings? 

The brain activity, heart rate and movement sensors present on the headband send information processed every 30 seconds by an algorithm which makes it possible to determine live whether you are awake or asleep. For more information, visit how the headband works.

Tracking brief awakenings inapp 

By default, brief awakenings aren't shown in your hypnogram, to facilitate the reading of your night. 


If you scroll your finger through the live view of your hypnogram, you will be able to see light pink dots, representing all your brief awakenings. 

How to interpret brief awakenings? 

This is perfectly normal to have brief awakenings every night. It is rather complicated to define an abnormality threshold. If you feel tired during the day, this might be the time to check if you have a fair amount of brief awakenings during the night.

Several reasons can explain a big amount of brief awakenings: 

1. Sleep apnea syndrome. Learn more about sleep apnea

2. Stress, anxiety, insomnia syndrome

3. Alcohol, caffeine or medics consumption 

If you wish to get more information about the root cause of your brief awakenings, you can reach out to a sleep specialist or a sleep center.