Learn more about breathing irregularities [BETA]

Written by Jonathan
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Frequent breathing irregularities can sometimes be a sign of an underlying condition such as sleep apnea. The Stop Bang test below will help you assess your level of risk.



 Points if the answer is Yes 


Do you snore loudly (loud enough to be heard through a closed door or to disturb your partner during the night)? 


+1pt STOP


Do you often feel tired, exhausted, or sleepy during the day (for example, while driving)? 


+1pt STOP


Has someone noticed that you stop breathing or gasp for air in your sleep? 


+1pt STOP


Do you have high blood pressure or are you undergoing treatment for this problem? 


+1pt STOP


Is your Body Mass Index (BMI) over 35? 


+1pt BMI


Are you over 50? 


+1pt AGE


Is your neck size over 43cm for men or 41cm for women? 


+1pt NECK


Are you a man? 





Total points

     Obstructive Sleep Apnea risk level 

0, 1 or 2 pts

     Low Risk

3 or 4 pts

     Average Risk

5 to 8 pts

     High Risk

2pts STOP and 1pt BMI

     High Risk

2pts STOP and 1pt GENDER

     High Risk

2pts STOP and 1pt NECK

     High Risk



A lack of detection of pauses in breathing is not a guarantee that you do not suffer from breathing irregularities. If in any doubt, consult a medical specialist.

You may notice a slight difference between breathing irregularities as measured by the Dreem headband and by a CPAP machine. Any discrepancy between the two is due to the use of different detection methods.