How does Dreem detect breathing irregularities? [BETA]

Written by Semih
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This feature is only available with Dreem 2 and version 2.14 of the Dreem app.

Warning: Once this feature is enabled, your headband will only have a 9-hour battery life per night. We kindly remind you that this is a Beta version, which means that it will evolve in the future.

Irregular breathing detection

You may experience pauses in breathing while you sleep, which you don’t necessarily remember when you wake in the morning.

For the most part, these breathing irregularities are relatively common and not at all problematic. However, if they occur frequently enough, they may point to a more serious underlying condition such as sleep apnea.

Dreem can detect the frequency of a user’s breathing irregularities by analyzing real-time audio recording during the night.


The Dreem headband has a built-in microphone that is only activated when irregular breathing is detected.

Audio analysis is carried out in real-time in the headband. Because confidentiality is of the utmost importance to Dreem, this audio recording is never stored on our servers.


Once detection has been activated for at least 5 nights, breathing irregularities will be included in your weekly Dreem report. To keep it simple, we break down this data to show you where you land on a four-level scale.


Tap on the “Find out more” button to access the STOP BANG questionnaire (available here). This short questionnaire is used to assess risk for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).


1. A lack of detection of pauses in breathing is not a guarantee that you do not suffer from breathing irregularities. If in any doubt, consult a medical specialist.

2. You may notice a slight difference between breathing irregularities as measured by the Dreem headband and by a CPAP machine. Any discrepancy between the two is due to the use of different detection methods.

3. If you are sharing your bed or bedroom, the headband will also pick up on the breathing irregularities of the person sleeping next to you.

4. The activation of this feature can drain 30% more battery in normal conditions.