Headband turns off abruptly

Written by Jonathan
Last update
There are several reasons that may explain why your headband turns off abruptly please see below for a list of common issues and troubleshooting tips. If your headband turns off abruptly this may due to the following:
  • Insufficient battery, for more information on how to charge your headband please visit our "Charging Dreem headband" support article.
  • Your headband is recording but hasn't received a signal for 1 hour, this can be resolved by confirming that your headband is securely on your head for information please visit our "How to: Put your Dreem Band on" support article.
  • Your headband has encountered an unexpected error if this occurs please press the On/Off to restart your headband. Once your headband is on the indicator light will light up and confirm if your battery level is sufficient, If your battery is sufficiently charged a steady blue light will appear.
If you are still experiencing issues please contact customer support for assistance.