Charging your band

Written by Jonathan
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We recommend that you leave your headband connected to its charger all day long so that it can be fully charged. This will ensure your headband transmits your sleep results to the Dreem Coach app. Make sure to use the charger provided in your box.


The Charging dock

To charge your headband through the dock please follow this illustration:


1. Plug the cable into the rear of the dock. Then connect the other end of the cable to the power adapter found in your headband’s packaging

2. Firmly insert the top arch of your headband inside the dock (see image)

3. When the blue light blinks in a step increase pattern, your headband is charging. The solid blue light indicates that your headband is fully charged and ready to use.


Charging with the dock takes about 8h (depending on how well you place your headband on the dock). 


The USB charger

The charger provided in your box includes a mains plug and a micro USB cable. To charge the headband, follow these steps:

1. Assemble the charger by connecting the USB cable and wall adapter of your region (UK, EU or US) to the mains plug.

2. Plug the USB cable into the USB port on the back of your headband’s upper arch.

Charger_EN1x.png ILLUS_SUPPORT-02.png

Indicator light (LED)

To charge your Dreem Band, connect the USB cable to the adapter provided (Europe, UK or USA).



Please note :

  • Your headband has 12 hours of operational autonomy
  • Charging your headband completely takes around 3 hours with the USB cable and up to 8h with the charging dock.
  • You need at least 60% battery to start a sleep session, but we recommend charging the battery to the maximum.


How to: Check the battery level

To make sure that your Band has enough battery, go to Dreem section then tap headband icon. Once you have paired your headband and phone, you can consult the headband’s battery level by tapping the battery icon.



Please note:

  • You can leave your headband plugged in the whole day, it won’t damage the battery or consume any electricity. Once your headband has been charged completely, the power supply is automatically cut off.
  • The maximum temperature at which you can charge the battery is 40°C (104°F), after which point it will stop charging. Make sure to charge your Dreem Band in normal temperature conditions and not to leave it in direct sunlight while charging.

If you have problems charging the Dreem Band, take a look at My headband is no longer charging.